Smart Board Plastic Set With Indices

-25% Smart Board Plastic Set With Indices

The DGT Smart Board is the new addition to the DGT the range of electronic chess boards. This electronic board is designed to be more affordable and is made of high quality plastic.

Providing the same great functionality and user experience as our wooden e-Boards.

Play against the DGT Pi to improve your chess skill.

This package deal includes everything you need.

Smart board package deal includes:

1) A single USB cable

2) Clock Cable

3) Drivers

4) DGT LiveChess Software

5) ChessBase Fritz14 chess playing engine with 100 days Premium Membership to

6) Plastic e-pieces

7) DGT Pi

8) Smart Board with Indices

Read more about the Smart Board.

  • Brand: DGT
  • Product Code: 11005 + 11013 + 11007 + 10750
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