Resonator Set for e-Pieces (34 parts)

Resonator Set for e-Pieces (34 parts)

This resonator set makes your own chess pieces compatible with a DGT e-Board. The set contains 34 resonators assembly for each piece including one for the extra queen. The long e-Tags are only for the King, Queens and rooks. The smaller e-Tags are for the other chess pieces.
The size of the hole you have to make is 12 x 27 mm for the large e-Tags and 12 x 14 mm for the small e-Tags.

DGT is regularly supplying the e-Tags included in the package, to allow third parties to assemble them into their favourite or home-made chess pieces. Once assembled the chess pieces can be used with the DGT e-Board.  Please take note of following warning instructions:

1. Assembling the e-Tags into chess pieces is a delicate operation. DGT does not bear any responsibility on this process, when it is not executed in the DGT factory or under full responsibility of DGT.
2. DGT can only accept claims on the e-Tag quality, as long as these e-Tags are not yet assembled in chess pieces.
3. The e-Tag weights about 4 grams for the pawn, bishop and knight e-Tags. The longer version weights 11 grams and is used for the other chess pieces. Do consider that the weight of your original pieces may have slightly varied after assembly. For example in some cases the weight can even be lower than the conventional weighting of pieces due to material change. 
4. No additional weighting of pieces is allowed, besides the e-Tags themselves. Any metal material or substances will disturb the functionality of the e-Tags. Mineral material, including concrete, is reported to be disturbing the function of the tags as well.

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