Connecting Accessories

Connecting Accessories

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Cable Connection for 1st Smart Board in tournament set-up.

DGT Smart Boards are fully compatible for use together with existing wooden DGT e-Boards in a tourna..

€151.90 Ex Tax: €125.54

Connection Kit

Connection Kit for the 1st serial board.   The DGT Connection Kit is the necessary ..

€155.90 Ex Tax: €128.84

Connection Kit Small

You need this kit for the boards 2 to 12. For the first boards (of 12), see product 10657 (Conn..

€33.90 Ex Tax: €28.02

Connection Material for Additional Smart Boards in Tournament set-up

Connection Material for Additional Smart Boards in Tournament set-upTo connect each of the next 11 S..

€29.50 Ex Tax: €24.38

Serial-to-USB Converter Cable

These days not every computer has a serial connection. This qualified Serial-to-USB Converter Cable ..

€57.09 Ex Tax: €47.18

Smart Board USB Cable and DVD

Smart Board USB Cable & DVD (For one stand-alone Smart Board only!) To use a Stand-alone Smart..

€19.50 Ex Tax: €16.12

Tournament System PC Serial port to Bus Cable

Connect your Serial e-Board for a tournament set-up. This cable connects the PC via a connectionbox..

€68.74 Ex Tax: €56.81

USB Charger | Universal Adapter

Connect your USB board to a power supply to store the moves in the board for later retrieval and rep..

€27.90 Ex Tax: €23.06


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