USB e-Boards

USB e-Boards

All e-Boards in this category have a USB connection to the computer.

The USB e-Boards are available in three wood types: Walnut, Wenge and Rosewood. The boards can be combined with one of the following type e-Board pieces: Royal, Classic, Timeless, Venus, Ebony or FIDE. And last but not least you can also have a DGT3000 clock with the board.

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USB Board Rosewood

Attention: this product contains only a board, no pieces are included.Shown is the Rosewood board. T..

410.00€ Ex Tax: 338.84€

USB Board Walnut

Attention: Only the board, no pieces are included!DGT Walnut e-Boards do not have indices. Pictured ..

387.00€ Ex Tax: 319.83€