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Bluetooth USB-Cable

Charge your Bluetooth e-Board with this USB cable or use it as a wired connection between the e-Boa..

€10.69 Ex Tax: €8.83

Board to Bus Serial Cable

This Board to Bus Serial Cable is especially made for DGT Serial e-Boards. It combines a clock cabl..

€19.50 Ex Tax: €16.12

Board to Clock cable

This cable connects your DGT3000 (LE) to your DGT e-Board. When a computer game is active, it will ..

€5.08 Ex Tax: €4.20

DGT Centaur Charger

Charger for the DGT Centaur. This charger comes with a UK, US and a EU adapter...

€15.00 Ex Tax: €12.40

Serial-to-USB Converter Cable

These days not every computer has a serial connection. This qualified Serial-to-USB Converter Cable ..

€62.90 Ex Tax: €51.98

Smart Board-to-Bus Cable

Connects your Smart Board for tournament set-up. ..

€19.50 Ex Tax: €16.12

Tournament / Revelation Netadapter

This charger is required for your Revelation or when a Serial or Smart e-Boards are used in tournam..

€37.50 Ex Tax: €30.99

Tournament System PC Serial port to Bus Cable

Connect your Serial e-Board for a tournament set-up. This cable connects the PC via a connectionbox..

€75.90 Ex Tax: €62.73

USB Cable 3m mini 5P

Connect your USB e-Board to your computer with this USB Cable This cable is only suitable for the D..

€12.32 Ex Tax: €10.18

USB Charger | Universal Adapter

Connect your USB board to a power supply to store the moves in the board for later retrieval and rep..

€30.90 Ex Tax: €25.54

USB-C Clock Cable

Connects your DGT3000 (LE) with your Smart Board, USB -C e-Boards and Tournament e-Boards. This cabl..

€5.08 Ex Tax: €4.20

USB-C Upgrade Kit

Upgrade your DGT e-Board into a USB-C chess board. This upgrade kit is suitable for e-boards produce..

€155.50 Ex Tax: €128.51


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