Timeless e-Pieces

The Timeless e-Pieces are the classical Staunton model in its most common form.These e-Pieces are ve..

€185.50 Ex Tax: €153.31

Modern Staunton Weighted

The Modern Staunton chess pieces are a contemporary design option for those chess players who pref..

€575.00 Ex Tax: €475.21

Bluetooth e-Board Limited Edition Black & Red Leather

This Limited Edition e-Board is made of black & red leather and is completely handmade in ..

€1,999.00 Ex Tax: €1,652.07

Smart Board without Indices

The DGT Smart Board is the new addition to the DGT the range of electronic chess boards. This electr..

€231.90 Ex Tax: €191.65

DGT Centaur

This beautifully designed chess board has touch sensors that effortlessly register your moves.It has..

€379.00 Ex Tax: €313.22


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